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Cleaning Solutions Blog: Betco & Green Products

Cleaning Solutions Blog: Betco Products and Green Cleaning Green cleaning is increasingly being recognized and with the help of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification it makes buildings environmentally compatible to implement green cleaning solutions and other products into their everyday lifestyle. One crucial factor that makes green cleaning so important is the potential harm that can be caused by traditional cleaning chemicals. Building management teams should understand the science behind cleaning and how the chemicals can affect human health. It is important to properly select and use green cleaning products in order to help protect the health and safety of building occupants and the planet. Science has made it clear that cleaning products can have an impact on building occupants. Traditional products are known to contribute to health problems such as eye, skin and respiratory irritation as well as asthma and other allergic reactions. Replacing these products with those that reduce the potential harm is likely less costly than increasing the supply of fresh air or general ventilation rates. Also important is the impact these chemicals have on the cleaning personnel who have long-term exposures. The regular exposure can sometimes lead to serious chronic illnesses such as cancer, and neurological or reproductive disorders. The better building managers understand how chemicals can cause harm, the better they will be able to choose cleaning strategies and products that will provide a healthy high performing building not just for average healthy occupants, but also for those with vulnerabilities, such as children, pregnant women, occupants with compromised immune systems, the elderly and those with other pre-existing health conditions or sensitivities. To minimize risks the Universal Cleaning Services Inc. team uses GreenEarth products supplied by Betco. For nearly two decades Betco has shown its dedication to green cleaning. The company launched its GreenEarth chemical management system in 1990 and has since added numerous green cleaning products and equipment to help companies become green and gain LEED certification.

A multi-purpose, germicidal detergent and deodorant Disinfects, cleans and deodorizes. 

Push Drain Maintainer acts as a floor cleaner and removes cultured bacteria and malodor counteract capable of digesting complex proteins, starches, fats, oils and greases, paper, vegetable gums, hair and other organic waste.

GreenEarth Peroxide removes mold stains, hard water stains and build-up on tile, grout and bathroom surfaces/ fixtures.

                    Betco cleaning solutions are designed to make an immediate impact on a variety of buildings and focus on exposed environments and turn them into healthy green environments. These chemicals are certified with an EcoLogo, which is North America’s largest, most respected environmental standard and certification mark. The logo provides customers (public and private) assurance that the products meet high standards of environmental leadership.

EcoLogo placed on all certified Green products

Universal Cleaning Services Inc. has a great relationship with our Betco distributor, Janex. The company supplies us with all our cleaning solutions and without a doubt has our products in stock 100% of the time. Janex is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. If you have a need for paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, etc) and cleaning solutions feel free to contact Larry or Bob at 952-829-9008 and they will be happy to help you!