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Window Washing

A great looking company has a clean environment and that starts with great looking windows. The Universal Cleaning Services team is devoted to quality, safety and client satisfaction. Through the use of ladders, swing stages and man-lifts we can safely access a wide variety of commercial and residential windows.
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  First, our team removes all window screens throughout. We clean the screens with a special technique using a water solution and a brush. The screens are then set aside to dry and reinstalled at the end of the process. We wet the entire window using a soft washer and a special solution designed for window washing. The solution will leave your windows streak free, polished and leave behind a beautiful glow. Once the window has been saturated with our solution we will clean and remove your window of things like hard water stains, dust, bugs, tree sap, stickers, and paint overspray, etc. Our team has been trained to carefully remove these with a razor blade/scrapper or cleaning solution. Once the interior and exterior window has been scraped and scrubbed we squeegee the window, we do this starting from the top of the window and work down, eliminating streaks. We finish all interior window jobs by wiping down the sills, removing dirt and bugs. Our team finalizes each job by inspecting the property with a final walk-through, making sure all windows are 100% clean.